July 17, 2012
New website for the RackNine Network

RackNine Inc. has created a new website featuring web applications, mostly Open Source software based on the PHP-MySQL duo, designed to simplify the process of creating and maintaining web spaces and communities.


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January 27, 2012
Like a Gangly 8-Year-Old, the Mobile Web Needs to Grow Up

baseball kid 150.jpgWell, here we are in Twentytwelve. Supposedly it’s the “year of the mobile” and all of our predictions about how we are going to use our mobile phones will finally come true.

Although I believe this year will be a pivotal point in the history of mobile technology, we’ve got a long way to go. Currently the mobile Web is like a gangly eight year old who, when you gaze upon you sense feelings of annoyance, intrigue and hope for a better future. We’ve all been there and it ain’t pretty.

January 4, 2012
How to Get Search Engines to Index your Website

Search Engines use web crawlers (computer programs that browse the World Wide Web in an automated way) to create a copy of all the visited pages that will later be…

December 24, 2011
All about DNS

Technically speaking, the Domain Name System (DNS) is a hierarchical distributed naming system for computers, services, or any other resource connected to the Internet or a network. DNS basically…

December 23, 2011
Google Searches vs. Sentiment Analysis: Which Is The Real Zeitgeist?

zeitgeist11_150.jpgLast week, Google released it’s Zeitgeist 2011 report, offering insights into how the world searched. The top searches overall are predictable - Rebecca Black, iPhone 5, Casey Anthony - but drilling down into specific categories reveals some pertinent trends in what interested Web searchers this year.

Sentiment analysis firm General Sentiment looked at some of these trends through a different lens. Using over 60 million sources across the Web, General Sentiment analyzed how Web users felt about these top terms. It produced side-by-side comparisons of how popular a term was on Google versus how often it was mentioned on the Web overall. It also noted how positive or negative overall sentiment was. Google searches are clearly not the only judge of a topic’s importance on the Web.

December 13, 2011
Political Tweets

Twitter fits perfectly in the arsenal of any modern political campaign. From government agencies to political candidates all have found in Twitter one of the most powerful ways of spreading…

December 5, 2011
Top Hacker Disasters of 2011: Five Critical Lessons for Businesses

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December 5, 2011
Websites Artificial Intelligence Programming

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November 22, 2011
How Facebook is ruining sharing

CEO Mark Zuckerberg describes how Facebook will connect people to media based on the strengths of their connections to other people.

(Credit: James Martin/CNET)

November 22, 2011
Lolcat Trends

To the casual onlooker, lolcat may appear to be just a silly caption style for funny cat photos but lolcat lovers have banded together online to translate the Old and New Testaments of the Bible into their favourite lingo.

"Oh hai. In teh beginnin Ceiling Cat maded teh skiez An da Urfs, but he did not eated dem," opens Genesis 1 of the Lolcat Bible. There’s even, inevitably, a paper book of the lolcatified tome now on sale.


Oh hai lolcat: How long will the internet lingo last?Creative Commons: Phoebe Epstein

Silly it may be, but lolcat has had surprising staying power - the lolcats.com domain was first registered around 2006 and lolcats are still powering popular sites like icanhazcheezburger.com. 


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